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Dina Dela Paz Stalder

BCP Dermatological Corp., Dermaline Inc., Stalder Laboratories Inc.
President and CEO
Manila, Philippines
Diana Stalder, DS Cafe, BCP Dermatological Corp., and Stalder Laboratories Inc. are just a few names denoting quality skincare and wellness in the Philippines. And behind the success of these named brands is a woman, who simply had a strong determination to follow her dream and passion to succeed. She is Dina Dela Paz-Stalder, one of the pioneering pillars in the skincare market, who with her humble beginnings, had her own share of uphill climbs and struggles before getting to where she is successfully now.After obtaining a Medical Technology degree at Centro Escolar University in 1985, Dina set out on her first professional career as Medical Representative for a leading dermatological company, which hinted the direction she would be taking onwards.Her next journey would see her taking off for England, where she took the challenging work of a domestic help, just to take up skincare courses which interested her so much. Her hard work paid off, as she was able to apply her learnings into full use upon returning to the Philippines, providing customized formulations to Dermatologists through her established retail arm, Beauchamps Pharmacy. Despite her initial success, Dina felt that there was more to than just selling products, given the fact that skincare is also best experienced by way of professionally administered treatments, thus, bringing her back to England in 1994 for further studies on skincare treatments. Her subsequent return paved the way for her next success, the opening of the Dermaline Facial Centers in 1996, which was highly received by the market. The center measured up to expectations, opening more centers in later years, to further put skincare centers on the mainstream trend.Meanwhile, with the increasing demand for her products and services in the ethical market, Dina next established the BCP Dermatological Corporation in July 1999 to specifically cater to the doctors, facial centers, and retail channels. Being particular about quality, she then established a manufacturing facility, Stalder Laboratories on the same year, employing stringent quality control measures that conform to Good Manufacturing Practices, so each product produced will be of high quality. This was how she values clients by making sure they get only the best for their needs.Being continuously abreast with current trends, Dina consequently set her sights in creating high quality skincare lines that would deliver maximum skincare results, through the premium brand, Diana Stalder. It was initially marketed via a direct selling system, but due to its reach limitations, it was eventually channeled through the Dermaline Centers to make it more accessible to all clients. As the Diana Stalder products gained more prominence, Dina knew it was time to enhance the Dermaline Center with a new physical perspective that imbibes more elegance and comfort, plus more quality treatments and products. It, nonetheless, included a name change, which unanimously became the Diana Stalder Skincare Center. The rest, as they say, is history.By aiming to make client experience more worthwhile in Diana Stalder Centers, Dina came up with a holistic skincare and wellness hub called the DS Café, a nutritional diet haven within the center, offering a variety of low-calorie, skin-friendly food, such as organic salads, protein-rich dishes, healthy sandwiches, and fresh organic juices. The Cafe also showcases Dina’s exclusive Weight Loss Program, integrating the Ideal Protein products of Canada, with her personally developed diet regimen that utilizes precisely measured food servings to effectively help clients shed unwanted pounds in just a few days. Several clients attest to the program’s effectiveness, which also led to her being known as “Coach Dina”.Besides a vigorous entrepreneurial spirit, Dina is also involved in environmental causes, which she believes is critically needed to sustain Mother Earth’s ecological balance for the sake of future generations. It paved the way for her various corporate social responsibility programs, such as the GIMIKalikasan Program, and a livelihood project called “Water Lilies for Life” for indigent families of Barangay San Isidro, San Pablo Laguna. She also initiated a Zero-Waste Management Program in the same area, which was in partnership with the Mother Earth Foundation, and also implemented a corporate-wide recycling program to create more awareness among employees and clients about the needed conservation efforts.Moreover, her acts of kindness also manifested when she initiated a Medical Mission for the disaster victims of Super Typhoon Ondoy, as well as, sponsoring an outreach program for the cancer-stricken children of the National Children’s Hospital. She also provided scholarship grants in Computer courses for the best athletes of the Palarong Pambansa in 2012, and traditionally sponsors annual Christmas gatherings with indigent families in San Pablo, Laguna.Given her accomplishments so far, Dina’s skincare quest does not see an end to it, as she remains always on the lookout for more innovative approaches and breakthrough treatments that should satisfy even the most discriminating client. After all, creating beautiful skin is what her life’s devotion is all about.