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Marissa Estiva Magsino, M.D.

MM/Bumatako LLC/Orlando Center of Sexual Health Hormone Balance
President/ CEO
Orlando, Florida
I am fellowship trained doctor who specialized in Functional , Regenerative and Sexual Medicine and the Health Ambassador for Modern Widows Club from Orlando, Florida.
My expertise is in Bioidentical hormones for Menopause, Andropause, and Transgenders transitioning with their sexual preference. In the field of Sexual medicine, I perform procedures for women's sexual dysfunction using PRP( O for Orgasmic Shot) including non surgical vaginal rejuvenation using RF and fillers and P( priapus shot) for men for erectile dysfunction. Empowering women by teaching them on how to optimize their feminine and sexual energies is also part of my practice.
Using bioidentical hormone pellet therapy and addressing Cortisol dysfunction brought about by the number 1 stressor in life- the death of a spouse I have been named Health Ambassador for Modern Widows Club which comprise 23 chapters across USA and Canada . I mentor widows as they transition for their Re- entry to life.