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Myrna Tang Yao

Richprime Global Inc. and Richwell Trading Corporation
President and CEO
She was born on July 28, 1951 in the province of Camarines Norte, Philippines.
She is the President of Richwell Trading Corporation and Richprime Global Inc., an exclusive distributor and Licensing Agent of Mattel toys such as Barbie Dolls, Hotwheels , Fisher Price, etc., V-Tech electronics,etc.

She introduced branded, quality educational toys to the struggling Philippines market by changing the prevailing mindset.
Myrna overcame the resistance to imported, seasonal luxury toys through aggressive marketing – sales presentations, innovative merchandising displays, and product demonstrations.

“From the very beginning I have done things differently,”

“The key is sustaining this, so I have to keep coming up with new ideas.”

Myrna Tang Yao’s first business venture started with Goodyear Tires dealership.
She also introduced and pioneered the Licensing Business thru Barbie. She opened the first character shop of Barbie in the world in 1989.